After a hiatus...

2014-06-20 10:46:04 by SuperSonic959

I'm somewhat... here again. Though, honestly, I'm not even sure if I'm going to be posting all that much. I might make a random animation some time soon, but don't expect anything too huge. I've changed a lot since when I joined the site. I joined 5 years ago, and I was 11 back then, so excuse the terrible quality flash stuff I made as well as the art; I couldn't really do much better. My passion for animation was basically just to get something done, rather than to make it awesome, because back when I was 11, just to see Sonic moving across the screen because of me was amazing on it's own. To have sound, and all that fancy jazzle was beyond awesome, and having huge criticisms just made me wonder why I bothered, more and more until I just gave up.

Here's hoping now that I'm 16, and a bit more aware of what makes a good/bad flash animation, that I'll be able to make something really good. If there are any of my old, OLD fans reading this, I'm amazed.

New slate, clean start.


2009-03-16 17:10:19 by SuperSonic959

in the next flash I submit, I will try to add sound! It might not be good, but i'm trying hard with sound!:)
and it might take a while, as this time it will have a story!

Feel free to give me any Ideas you want to see in my next flash!